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Trish's July 2017 article in Our Towne Bethlehem

“The most affordable getaway is found between the covers of a great book!”

Greetings constant reader,

          This article will be published in the July Our Towne Bethlehem and half the year will be over already! What a crazy entrance into Summer it has been! The constant weather prediction of “a chance of showers”, “possibility of rain” and mixed clouds/sun seems like a roll of the dice for each day. No matter what the weather, though, it has been a great season for reading! Now that the children are out of school, don’t forget that Tattered Pages offers not only a great selection of children’s books, but all books are reduced in price over the “full price” stores. How wonderful it has been making friends with families who have just discovered my little shop! Tattered Pages has been here in the Glenmont Center Square for 10 years now!!! I am always amazed when people come in and say, I remember when you had cats in here! (I did foster cats with AnimaLovers from 2007-2009 and found 17 cats homes!) Those people are often astounded to hear that they still have “trade credits” in the shop after all those year. Yes, if you bring in no more than 6 books at a time, and they meet my criteria, you will receive credits that work like a coupon on your next purchase taking off an additional 20% off our already reduced prices! Remember, I also have all inventory on a database and can tell you, if you call ahead, if I have a book or not. I will gladly hold books behind the counter for you. I also order hard to find books, at a reduced price. Certain bookstores may tell you that the book is out of publication…I am always willing to do the search, use our credit card to order the book for you and hold it until you can come and pick it up! Tattered Pages offers: Service, Selection, Value…and the cutest greeter dog around!

          Since last month I have read “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman and am currently finishing “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood. I also relaxed with a Northeast Bird Book by Peterson and “Monet’s Table” The cooking journals of painter Claude Monet. I also have a “pool” book in my swim bag which travels with me to the town park. I am re-reading “Heart-shaped Box” by Joe Hill which is a great ghost story in the vein of his father, Stephen King. I am revisiting it…because I remember the story and will be able to read it, without losing momentum between pool visits and laps!

          I recently had the joy of being with many of my younger members of my family at a High School Graduation party. It coincided with the First Birthday of my great niece, Brooklyn. Her gift bag from me was filled with hardcover My First Winnie the Pooh books and a book on classic finger plays/rhymes. She actually squealed when she saw them…and exclaimed “Pooh!” Her mom said that sometimes she has to cut off bedtime stories at 30 minutes because she just loves being read to and becomes more wound up than relaxed! My 2 year old niece Caylin and her 10 month old brother Cillian both received a collection of books with Thomas the Tank Engine, Abby Cadabby from Sesame Street, Elmo, Tomie dePaola books and “Are You My Mother” in the mix. I want my great nieces/nephews to connect books with their Aunt Trisha. My grandchildren already know that there will be hand-selected books for them throughout the year. I love that my granddaughter, Trinity, still loves the Dork Diaries and rewards herself with coloring the pages after a chapter is done. My nephew Ethan still loves Justice League & Pokemon books I brought to him at the picnic. I have a very nice selection of Pokemon, Superhero and Little Monster books on the shelves currently.

          The shop will be closed on the 4th of July, of course, but open the remainder of the month in my summer hours mode, unless an emergency arises, I always post a phone message if the shop is closed unexpectedly. Summer hours: M,T,W 10-5, Th. 10-3:30, Fri. 10-7, Sat. 10-2. I truly appreciate your patronage and spreading the word about the shop to others! Rent is high…and though I sell on Amazon as well, sales in the shop are unpredictable with the weather, vacations etc. So, all sales are appreciated! As always, with any sale increment of $20 you can choose a free book from my specific selection. There are always books on reduced tables as well starting at $1.

          On one of my latest visits to my Darlin’ Dad, at Teresian House, he asked me what his “next step” should be? Since he can no longer read & retain, he has lost his favorite past time! I wish there were more volunteers available to read to our seniors. When I do read to Dad, I have to remind him that it isn’t a bedtime story as he closes his eyes to concentrate! Reading brings such joy to readers of all ages, please share that love of reading with your family. You lead by example. The reading of a “real” book is so different than reading an e-book. I think that the tactile event of turning pages, placing a book mark, holding a real book in your hands is magical. My eyes can only take so much of the digital page. I am now turning to “cheaters” at 1.00 to assist my eyes. I even have sunglass reading glasses that I take to the pool.

          In closing, I hope that I see you in the shop during the month of July! (The shop will be closed for 2 weeks in August, keep that in mind) May your summer be filled with great adventures, experiences, family, friends and some time to spend with a great book!

Happy Reading! Trish & Seamus

Patricia Eldridge is the owner of Tattered Pages at 365 Feura Bush Rd. in the Glenmont Center Square. #518-447-9910 Facebook: Tattered Pages, LLC, www.tatteredpages365.webs.com



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